Here at Perfect Baby Shower we like to keep you informed of all the latest and greatest baby shower trends happening from all over the world.  We think it is important you know some of the cool and original things people are doing to celebrate the arrival of their baby. 

It all starts for some hosts with the perfect invitation we have a great selection of invites but for something a little different.  They have printed the details of the baby shower on the balloon for all to see once blown up.

Another very unique invite we have seen is where there is a photo of the scan included on  the invite.

Another fun way is to use some of the fillable baby bottles and place an invitation inside and send it off to your guests.

Here are some of the most popular baby showers  trends that are happening.

The Gender Reveal Shower

This type of shower is really growing in popularity.  It can be done in a couple of ways, the first is the expectant parents know the sex of their baby but have not told anyone, they invite all their friends and family to the baby shower and ask them to either take a blue or pink ribbon / a pair of lips or a moustache (as in the image) or on arrival.  When all the guests have decided they simply open a box with either pink or blue decorations like Wild Safari or they have a large box full of pink or blue balloons and voila the baby’s sex is revealed.

The Gender Reveal Shower

The other way the expectant parents are doing it is by asking the Dr to write on a piece of paper and pop in an envelope the baby’s sex.  Again as before you can have all your guests   guessing by simply using a chalk board or again pink or blue ribbons/moustache or lips.  As the parents also don’t know the gender you would need to go with a neutral theme.

This is a very intimate baby shower as your guests will feel very fortunate to share in this big news.

A Book Themed Shower

This is a wonderful way to start the baby’s library.  Each guests brings along one of their favorite books from childhood with a personalised message inside.  The host can even decorate the party with their favourite book as seen in this image of the Dr Seuss party.

This is a fairly easy party to do as you just need to team the book with the individual block colours to decorate, but the main features are the books, which can be used as the centerpiece.

The Pamper Shower

Going back to work shortly after the baby is born is a fact for many new mums, s the pampering baby shower is starting to gain momentum.  These can be held at a day spa or in a home which can be convereted int a relaxing sanctuary with scented candles and soft music.  If it is being held in a home a team of beuaticians and massures will be on hand to help the mum to be feel a million dollars, comfy slippers and an eye mask are a lovley parting gift.

Sip and See

Most baby showers are still being held before the baby is born, however if the mum to be goes early or they simply want to wait until after the baby is born then a "Sip and See” party is held, this is generally a smaller event where the guests pop in for a drink and they have the opportunity to see the baby.

This is also popular with parents who feel uncomfortable with receiving gifts prior to the baby being born.  This is a fairly informal event and a wonderful way for the parents to introduce their baby to everyone.

The Man Shower

With more and more men participating in the planning of weddings, they are also not wanting to miss out on the baby shower.  We understand you probably cannot see your partner gushing over baby grows and guess the tummy size, but they are always up for a few beers a bbq and a game of poker.  Instead of arriving with a twee gift the guys are bringing a packet of nappies for the dad to be.  The guys are loving it any excuse to get together with the boys but they are now starting to feel the arrival of their baby is something to celebrate too.

Co-Ed Showers

Many couples are opting to have a baby shower together, where they are able to have all their friends with them to celebrate the impending arrival.  For some they even have the guys participating in games such as how many nappies can you toss through the hoop to drinking beer in a baby bottle, to the blind folded nappy challenge!  This is also a great way to include the dad to be a fun gift to give him is a daddy survival kit which should include items such as, tongs for a dirty nappy, nappies, nappy cream, face mask, wipes, clothes peg for his nose, goggles a dummy and an energy drink he will need it!

The Sprinkle

Always a little controversial with the school of thought having been that one baby shower is enough, others like us believe subsequent babies should also be celebrated.  If you do chose to it is called a”Sprinkle” and is often a more casual affair.  Many of our customers have a Sprkinkle simply because they want to invlove the siblings particualry if they are in a blended family.  Generally in a sprinkle the gifts are scaled down, it is just a lovley way to get all your friends together before the chaos starts again.

A common gift to give at a Sprinkle are nappies as we all know these are a necessity so it is a great way to help the family.  Alongside stock the freezer this is where guests bring a meal for the family which they pop in the freezer to help in the first few weeks after the baby comes home.