Welcome to Perfect Baby Shower ...where you can find all of the baby shower games you want in Australia!

Baby shower games are an essential part of a successful baby shower. Every shower needs a fun few games to break the ice and get your guests giggling.... We suggest three or four games for a baby shower, as there is also cake to be eaten, presents to be opened, and stories to be shared.

A baby shower is a time to bring together all the women from different aspects of the mums-to-be life. As not all of the guests will know each other, baby shower games can be the perfect way for guests to relax and get to know each other. If you are looking for more tips on throwing a baby shower, please check out How to Host a Baby Shower.

We have a great variety of ideas for games. You can chose games according to the type of baby shower you envision and the number of guests you will have. Games such as "Don't Say Baby" are ideal to get your party started, as everyone receives a dummy necklace as they enter the host’s home & the game can run throughout the whole party. Another game that can run throughout the party is "Count the Dummies in a Bottle", or "Count the Babies in a Bottle" ... leave the games with a piece of paper with your guest’s names on it and allow them to guess at their leisure.

If you have women with a good sense of humour, the Dirty Nappy Game will definitely get everyone laughing. Whilst the ‘how well do you know mum and dad’ game can include everyone and is a lovely way to get to know the parents better and share your stories with each other.

We’re sure you'll find the perfect baby shower games ideas for your party! We are expanding the range all the time ... if there are baby shower games in Australia you would like but we do not stock, contact us info@perfectbabyshower.com.au and we'll see if we can track it down!

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